Our Homeschooling Program

Our program is family oriented, African centered and community based. We pride ourselves in providing our students with a variety of ways of learning including but not limited to computer-based lessons, lectures, group discussions, paper and pencil exercises, art projects and science projects.

"Our mission is to enhance the students educational experience by providing quality media arts programs"
Program Overview

When you enroll your child into our program they will be able to choose from an array of  program tracks that are all  based on Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics ( STEAM).

Under the care of of a certified teacher, students will be taught the depths of their subject while being consistently motivated to develop essential life skills (e.g. leadership and follow through time management).


  • Our program is aligned with the NYS Core-curriculum

  • Provides each student with a labtop or tablet for use through the school year

  • Is portfolio based 

  • Promotes Business/entrepreneurship

  • Provides each student with an IXl.com accounts

  • Promotes the pursuit of higher education College  

  • Offers Small class sizes

  • Offer pick-up and drop-off services


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to join parents, who just like yourself seek to provide their children with a well rounded education that is African centered. Our program is reasonably priced and has no equivalent or alternative in NYC. Contact us by signing-up to the right in our sign up now pace to discuss your child/rens future enrollment in our program.

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2010 - present

2010 - present