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Media Arts Program
"Our mission is to enhance the students educational experience by providing quality media arts programs"
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Centered in the heart of Brownsville Brooklyn, the XyayX Institute's Learning Center is a safe and comfortable place for the Black and indigenous people of Brooklyn who love to learn. Our space was created in August 2016 and offers program that are tailored to help  students best meet their goals. It is an unfortunate fact that our community lacks the necessary resources  to develop its own spaces dedicated educational programs, and so spaces like our have tremendeous value.

What we offer at our location

Please take some time to review our valuable educational programs offered at our location.

  • Monday - Literacy & History

  • Tueday - Social Studies 

  • Wednesday - Science

  • Thursday -  Mathematics

  • Friday - Writing and Literature

What we offer at our space!  

We are committed to providing exemplary African-centric educational programs and development initiatives.  Our programs ensure that our community has consistent access to dire educational services.  :



  • Provide homeschooled children with structured educational programming-

  • Supplement educational programs to ensure our children’s successful completion of school.   


PROJECT TAP (TASC assist program)

  •  We provide free preparatory classes

  • Assist with signing students u to free program

  • Provide individualized educational help


       (Career/vocational training)

  • Provide free career and or basic trade skill preparation

  • Free OSHA 10, 30 classes offered online

  • Resume development assistance

Ceneter HighLights
  • Computer Station—our space feature three Imac computer open and available for your use

  • S based Program content—each of our programs are academically focused and designed to motivate all involved to pursue higher education.

  • Schedule of operation—our schedule is open. All you have to do is set up your new programs work-week.

  • A focused on Business/entrepreneurship: Through the use of written literature, internships, group discussions, and lectures, students will gain knowledge of their respected industry operations


2010 - present

2010 - present